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About Farm Veterinary Matamata


FVM is a farm focused locally owned and operated veterinary practice originating from what was formerly known as Matamata Veterinary Services, one of the first private veterinary practices to be established in New Zealand.


The team is proud to work with around 150 farms - mainly dairy cow, but also dry stock, dairy goat and dairy sheep.

As a result of longevity and commitment by our team, FVM veterinarians have the local experience and knowledge of individual farms meaning our finger is already on the pulse when your call is placed.

Our knowledge and understanding of local farms and the district is second to none. We are absolutely committed to our clients and work tirelessly to ensure positive long term results in farm animal health planning.

About Farm Veterinary Matamata
Farm Veterinary Matamata tending lame cows

FVM has been part of the Matamata community since 1947.

You can trust in us - We have a stable and experienced veterinary team. 

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