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Pesky Parasites in young stock

Reaching targets with youngstock are super important to set them up for life! Ensuring youngstock are supported through drench protocols and mineral supplements are vital for the growth and longevity of your cattle.  

When is a good time to drench?

Now! Many youngstock are going off to winter grazing so it’s the perfect time to drench before they leave.

Frequency of drench administration is dependent on how long the products last and the animal’s exposure to worm burden. However, a good rule of thumb is to start drenching at weaning every 4-6 weeks through until winter. As animals grow older, their immunity develops, and the frequency of drenching can reduce.

Why should I drench?

Parasites cause unwanted clinical signs such as scours, ill-thrift, poor growth, and rough coat. Keeping on top of parasite management is vital in meeting growth targets for young animals to set them up with a great immune system and support them as they enter the busy life of a dairy cow.

Ensure you are following drenching best practices to get the most out of your drench. This includes weighing the mob and dosing to the heaviest animal, ensure the drench gun is working correctly, and using the correct technique.

What product do I use?

There are various products on the market which can be confusing and time consuming to decide what to use. Our advice is to use a drench with at least two drench actives in it.

Below are the products we stock in clinic:

Pour on options include

  • Eclipse & Boss (abamectin & levamisole)

  • Turbo (Eprinomectin & levamisole)

  • Eprinex (Eprinomectin only, nil Milk WHP)


Injectable options incude:

  • Eclipse Injection - contains B12 & selenium, double active. (Eprinomectin & levamisole)

  • Turbo Injection – Triple active (Eprinomectin, Ivermectin & levamisole). Good option for those already supplementing selenium and not wanting to double up.

  • Dectomax V – Doramectin & levamisole


Oral drenches are also available as per usual, however, we understand most will be too big to wrangle now!

A great product on SALE is Eclipse. Eclipse pour-on is a double active drench that contains eprinomectin and levamisole. This drench works to kill intestinal worms; ostertagia, cooperia and lungworm. We are currently selling our 2.5L Eclipse Pour-on stock for 20% off!!

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the clinic for how we can help ensure your youngstock are set up for life.

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