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Plan for Non-Cycling Cows

Dairy cow at mating, with tail paint and heat patch heat detection aids

With mating just ahead and cashflow a bit tight, you may be looking at options to reduce the number of non-cyclers in your herd. The traditional approach is to ‘treat’ non-cyclers with a cuemate program, which we still recommend, but if you're looking for a more cost-effective option, here are our suggestions:

1. Ensure mineral status is optimal to increase the submission and conception rate of your herd

  • Taking blood samples is an option to make sure you are on the right track

Multimin injection, trace element injection containing copper, zinc, manganese & selenium
  • Treat your herd with Multimin pre-mating - injecting dairy cows four weeks before mating lowered empty rates by over 3%, halved pregnancy losses, and moved the average conception date forward by three days, with a ROI of 5:1

2. Reduce the pressure on your cows, especially your 1st calvers

Eprinex pour-on cattle drench, nil milk withhold cattle worming drench
  • Put them in a separate once a day herd

  • Treat with Eprinex pour-on to reduce the effect of parasitism

3. Some of your ‘non-cyclers’ may just be having silent heats

  • Consider using vasectomised bulls (relatively quick and simple surgery) to improve heat detection

Vasectomised bull, teaser bull, cattle reproduction

4. If you're going to use a cuemate program to treat non-cyclers, use them wisely

CIDR, Cue mate, cattle reproduction device
  • Treat early, prior to PSM to ensure best ROI

  • Be selective with who you treat – not old cows with high SCC, lame, or an udder hanging on the ground

  • Only treat cows calved at least 30 days to get best results

5. Another option is to focus on your already-cycling cows

  • Why-wait injections are much cheaper than cuemate programs and will move your cycling cows forward by a week

  • These injections can also be used on non-cyclers, but the results can be a lot more variable

6. Metricheck and treat your herd to give cows the best chance of getting in-calf

metricheck device, cattle reproduction tool

If you would like to discuss how your money is best spent around getting your cows in calf, please contact us at the clinic.

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