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SICK of the SCOURS??

Calf scours during calving is an added mess and stress that no farmer wants! Wouldn’t it be great if you could reduce the incidence, spread and severity of calf scours? Well now you can with vaccination!

Scouregard vaccine

Why vaccinate?

  • Increase the number of antibodies in colostrum.

  • Reduce the numbers of calves with scours.

  • Reduce the number of deaths from scours.


How do the vaccines work?

New Zealand calves are born with a naïve immune system. Calf immunity comes from drinking the cow’s colostrum. By vaccinating the cow prior to calving, we boost the cow’s

Kolibin Neo Vaccine

immunity so there are higher levels of antibodies available to the calves in colostrum.

Calf scours is caused by a variety of pathogens in the environment such as; rotavirus, coronavirus and E.coli. The various vaccines contain different strains of these viruses so the calves can be protected when they are still developing their immune system.

How do we know it works?

Rotavec Vaccine

The Scourguard 4(K) vaccine performed a study in NZ where calves were exposed to rotavirus, coronavirus and E.coli pathogens. The study showed that the calves drinking colostrum from vaccinated cows had a significantly reduced mortality and morbidity compared to calves receiving colostrum from unvaccinated cattle. (1)

REMEMBER! Colostrum management must still be up to standard to receive the benefits of the vaccines.

What vaccine is best for you?

Rotogal Vaccine

Farm Veterinary Matamata Ltd have a variety of options for you to choose from. All of the vaccines aid in the prevention of calf scours caused by Bovine rotavirus, coronavirus, and E.coli. The different options include; Scourguard 4(K), Kolibin neo, Rotavec and rotagal. Each vaccine has slight variations in the bugs they target, cost, and number of vaccinations required. Feel free to talk to one of the vets at FVM for more information on the different options and which one is best for your cows.


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