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Skinny Cows? Lack of Feed?

It is well known that there is no substitute to feeding your cows, but if you’re looking to give them a push in the right direction, increase milk production and improve reproductive performance, Eprinex could be the answer.

We're offering 1 month deferred payment on all Eprinex sales until the end of August, plus a free polo shirt with every purchase.

Most cattle will carry some degree of worm burden, and although less than youngstock, it still requires energy from the cow to fight off. Following such a wet summer/autumn worm burdens are likely to be higher than usual, especially in younger cows. By killing worms with nil milk WH Eprinex (given at, or soon after calving), this energy can be put towards milk production and getting in-calf, getting more out of every kg of feed.

If you’re looking for a smaller investment, we suggest prioritizing the cows likely to be carrying more worms – your 1st and 2nd calvers.

Left alone, compromised cows with low BCS are more likely to become non-cyclers/late cows which we know is costly to remedy.

Other options for mitigating the effects of skinny cows and poor weather conditions include Multimin (boosting immunity) and Rumenox (improving feed conversion efficiency). Please contact us if you would like to discuss further.

Read on for details around Eprinex…

  • EPRINEX is the ONLY product with a scientific trial, conducted independently by veterinarians at Massey University (2017), to show a significant increase in milk solids following treatment.

  • Milk solids will increase on average by 0.03 kg/cow/day following an EPRINEX treatment, compared to no treatment. That’s 8.22 kg MS/cow/lactation (days in milk - 274 days).

  • 8.22 kg MS/cow/lactation is $67.44 extra at a $9.00 payout (less cost of treatment).

  • Only Eprinex has been shown in scientific studies to improve reproductive performance.

  • A study showed that treating with Eprinex® at calving reduced calving to conception in heifers by 12.9 days. There was a 52% increase in pregnancy rate at first insemination in heifers and 16.6% increase in adult cows, which equates to a 19.9% increase in pregnancy rate overall.

  • Eprinex® should be your first choice for food safety (making milk powder for babies) because it was specifically developed to partition from getting into cows’ milk. This has led to a nil milk withhold all around the world.

Follow the link below for a calculator of you return on investment.


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