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Let's Mate Cheaply!

Here are three easy and cost-effective ways to improve your reproductive performance!

1. Rumenox

  • Improves overall cow health.

  • Improves in calf rates.

  • Reduces the risk of ketosis by 40%.

  • Maintains cows’ weight and condition.

  • Prevents against bloat - better than bloat oil.

2. Trace element testing

  • Now is the perfect time to test Copper, Selenium, Ca, Mg, and BOH levels to ensure your herd is ready for mating.

  • Trace elements are vital for general function of the cow and impact everything from reproductive performance, immunity, milk production and growth rates.

3. Multimin

  • An injection containing all the goodies! Manganese, Selenium, Copper & Zinc!

  • One injection of Multimin 3-4 weeks pre-mating:

    • Reduces empty rate by 3.3%;

    • Halves pregnancy losses;

    • Moves the average conception rate forward by 3.4 days!

  • A return on investment of $5 per cow.

Learn more about options for non-cyclers in this article

If you would like to know more, please contact us at FVM.


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